Tree tents, survival kits, waxed-canvas rucksacks: you guys really kitted out in the past 12 months

12th January 2018 | WildBounds HQ

In 2017, you guys decided to be more adventurous – that’s right, you. You decided to head into the great outdoors and experience everything it has to offer, from camping under the stars to hitting the waves. How do we know? Well, that’s what you were buying from our Store: hammocks, rucksacks, kitesurfing belts, and much, much more. Here’s a round-up of everything you guys added to your outdoor armoury in 2017 – we love that you’re as excited about these brands as we are, and can’t wait to share what we’re stocking up with over the next year.


Amok Equipment: Draumr Hammock

Amok Draumr

Hang this hammock anywhere you find yourself.

Amok is dedicated to making sure you are always relaxing in comfort – both for daytime chillin’ and a good night sleep in the outdoors. The Draumr is incredibly versatile, transforming from a recliner to a lay-flat sleeping hammock with a simple tug of the adjustment straps. Comfortable, durable and loaded with great features, Amok have made no compromises with the Draumr. It is a dream hammock.


Tentsile: StingrayTentsile Stingray

The original design, perfected

Simple and versatile: most of things we love in life tick those boxes, and the Stingray is no exception. Sling it up anywhere there are trees for a cool night’s rest free from creepy crawlers and tree roots, but not before you unzip the rain fly for a starlit nightcap.


Trakke: Assynt 17
Assynt 17

Hard-wearing and stylish for the everyday adventurer

Born out of Trakke’s Glaswegian workshop, the Assynt 17 is their most versatile backpack. Its mid-range volume is ideal for commuters and hikers alike, with multiple pockets for stashing valuables and a rugged waxed cotton exterior to repel the worst of British weather.


Bushcraft Essentials: Bushbox


The original – Bushcraft Essential’s best-selling multi-fuel pocket stove.

Stoves and fuel are usually among the heavier and bulkier items on any adventurers pack list. No longer. This lightweight stove not only burns the twigs and branches you find lying around camp – it also packs down flat. No fuel to carry. No bulky stove to pack. Brilliant.


Xtorm: Hybrid 4x Solar Bank

Xtorm Hybrid 4x Solar

Keep your devices powered up when you’re off the grid

Are your adventures taking you to more remote spots? Xtorm has you covered with its Hybrid Solar Bank with in-built solar panel. Highly efficient and rainproof, this solar charger has enough juice to power up a smartphone four times over. Getting off the grid doesn’t have to mean getting off your devices.


VSSL Gear: Survival Supplies

VSSL Supplies

Being prepared has never come easier, or looked slicker

Packing more essentials and utility tools than you can shake a whittled stick at (seriously, see the list below), and with a military-spec, aluminium casing and built-in torch – this piece of kit is sure to see plenty of use. Compact enough to fit into daypacks and durable enough to handle expedition-length trips, this thing needs a spot in your outdoor quiver – it has in ours.


tshOtsh: Original Splash Belt

Original Splash Belt

Think Batman’s utility belt – for boardriding.

With their tough yet flexible construction, you’ll be slicing through the water with confidence… and a bit of style too. Don’t worry about rusting – the galvanised belt buckle is made for the water. But these things are nothing if not versatile – they go great with a pair of chinos. Limited supply unfortunately, so fill your boots before they’re gone.


Horizon: Heritage Merino Outdoor Socks – 2 Pack

Heritage Merino Outdoor Socks - 2 Pack

A fresh take on some serious socks

Since the turn of the millennium, Horizon have been producing high-quality performance socks – now, they’re revamping and rejuvenating their range of styles, and these Heritage Merino Outdoor socks epitomise that fresh energy. Their eclectic design belies the uncompromising approach to producing a high-performing sock that Horizon pursues with each product.


Swiza: Kretos Gent

Kretos Gent

Urban adventure meets timeless style

Unfailingly functional, the Swiza Kretos Gent is designed for guys on the move – its simple and easy-to-read watch face features luminescent numerals for all-weather use.


BelmezFace: Darkside Jeans

Darkside Jeans

Comfort meets style

Handmade in Madrid’s suburbs, these loose-fitting jeans are designed for comfort when climbing or cycling – but they stand up to putting away a couple cold ones too. BelmezFace’s obsession with style and comfort means they’ll never veer from their commitment to using durable materials to create jeans in their own unique – and slick – style.


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